Sexually Transmitted Success

ImageWhat is sexually transmitted success? Well as the name suggests, its when an individual makes a success of their career by having sexual relations. In essence the success is transmitted by having sex with your boss. Now when it comes to this topic many people, women in particular are staunch believer that is it completely wrong and there is always another way to make it to the top. Women who sleep their way to the top or even just to keep their jobs are judged and looked down upon. Sex for success is a straight up NO NO and there is no room for understanding. These kind of sexual relations are degrading to women, and some have gone as far as equating it to prostitution (the politically correct term is sex work), because essentially what these people are doing is having sex so they can pay bills and stuff.

Now im not condoning the practice, but at times things are not as clear cut as we make them out to be and in theory women should not just give in to their superiors or whatever so that they can move up the ladder, but in practice things can be a bit more complicated. Its fair and fine to say that I would rather wait for the right time where i will get that position or job im that company. It is very commendable when a woman would rather stick to her values and not sleep with her sex craving chauvinist boss. But whilst you are sticking to your principles, how are you going to pay the rent, send your kids to school, pay for your grandmothers heart medication. Sure we can say I can always look for another job, but in all honesty that’s easier said than done in most cases. I know people who even with their university qualifications can remain unemployed for an indeterminable period of time. How will you make ends meet in the mean time?

There are times when a woman knows that she has earned a promotion within an organisation and no one else is better suited for the job. Sadly she works in a male dominated environment and her boss is a bit of a sexist pig and the board members who determine whether or not a person gets a promotion are dominantly sexist. Now the only way for her to reach her goal is to sleep with her boss. Sure she can report her case to a higher authority but she knows that whilst she is doing that, someone else can grab that promotion from right under her nose.

So what am I saying? There are some women who have chosen sex as the easiest way to succeed as there is not much hard work and hustle involved, but what they must note is that, the very person they have slept with will always hold it over their head, that they wouldn’t be where they are without them. Then there are women who genuinely feel that they have no choice but to be infected with sexually transmitted success. So before we judge people lets first find out where they are coming from and assist them in what ever way we can..


the N.T.O

4 thoughts on “Sexually Transmitted Success”

  1. whoooaaaaaw amazing our little voice saying out the things we are always afraid to voice out…but the question is can these sexually transmited sucesses be stoped????

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