What does it mean to be African?

At a recent Food for Thought session at the American embassy a number of Zimbabwean artists raised a number of issues but the one that really caught my interest was that of what it means to be African. There are a number of answers to this question. I was quite baffled when a young lady raised the point that being African is the result of colonial times so we must not dwell too much on creating African Art because we are just emphasizing the label that colonizers gave us. If we then adhere to this school of thought that there no such a thing as an African, how then do we identify or recognize the people from Africa? Africa is too big and diverse a continent to just to leave undefined. 

I will leave it up to you to decide.in conclusin i will leave you with the following link:

“I embrace my African heritage with unwavering sentiment; being African is a privilege, not a right; being African is not defined by race, gender, religion, geo-political boundaries or ethnicity but by philosophies and ideologies rich in morals, ethics and an African culture; in essence, being African is a state of mind; being African is about being what I call of ‘higher character’ and to lack this ‘higher character’ (African dictators for example) means you revoke your rights to being considered a son or daughter of the motherland; what is ‘higher character’ ?! Nobility, Purity and Strength is what contextualizes ‘higher character’ . Africa is a land of beauty, blessed with a beautiful people!”

Continue reading at NowPublic.com: What Does It Mean To Be African?! (Opinon) | NowPublic News Coverage http://www.nowpublic.com/culture/what-does-it-mean-be-african-opinon#ixzz2YS2oFn6v


2 thoughts on “What does it mean to be African?”

  1. Interesting points, who knew you could write like this?? You forgot to mention that we are also African cause we are born African.. 🙂

    1. yeah but the argument there would be no one is born African or Latino or what ever. we are all born as indivuduals who then adopt those identities

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